Daily Cash & Futures Technicals, 3/1/19, Ian C. Burdette, CFA, CMT

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* yep, 'risk ripper!'
- China CSI 300 +2.19%
- Nikkei +1.02%
- DAX +1.16%
- eminis +.62% or up 17 handles at 2802 on 130k volume (back above the 2800 zone)
- VIX down 2.44%

* US fixed income complex lower but marginally - took out yesterday's lows. 7s and bonds currently leading the way at +1.74bpts and 1.71bpts respectively

* the last 3 visits to this SPX price zone: mid Oct SPX 2810 and cash 5s 3.07%, Nov SPX 2813 and cash 5s 3.097%, SPX 2791 and cash 5s 2.885%.... SPX is going looks to open near 2800 and cash 5s are just 2.5292%.. Graphically, the divide is pronounced:

Cash 5s candles, gold is SPX cash:


* its March 1st and the Debt Ceiling is now reinstated. As per the most recent 'daily treasury statement' or 2/27th:
- cash/operating balance = $266.024bln
- Debt Held by Public = $16.212 trillion
- Total Public debt Outstanding = $22.074 trillion

* Primary dealer UST balance sheet usage still elevated but lower by $2.278bln week over week. Now lower by $18.031bln from the 1/30/19 all time high of $259.72bln.


* USD Libor settings:




* NO NFP.. But FULL bevy of data today - {eco <go>}

* we do get some 'fed speak' from Bostic mid day.

Ian C. Burdette, CFA, CMT
Senior Managing Director