Municipal Debt/Underwriting

Tribal Capital Markets, LLC’s ("TCM") Municipal Trading/Sales Team is comprised of experienced professionals committed to providing the best possible liquidity solutions for our municipal and tribal clients. This group of professionals leverage their long-standing relationships, our strong capital base and their E-commerce expertise to differentiate themselves in the market place for the benefit of our clients.

Their efforts and TCM’s willingness to risk the Firm’s capital to provide our investor base with liquidity in the marketplace ensures that we know the true execution costs for our Issuer clients.  As a firm, we participate in Negotiated as well as Competitive underwritings. Tribal Capital Markets stands ready to commit $16 million of its capital to facilitate municipal bond underwritings, translating into organic underwriting capacity ranging from $1 billion for short-term municipal debt to $200 million+ for long-term municipal bonds.

TCM’s efforts have resulted in deals that have covered a wide spectrum, ranging from small Utility Districts to some of the biggest names in municipal issuance that include the States of California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Massachusetts, Washington and the City of New York.


Tribal Capital Markets provides additional liquidity to customers by pricing bid-wanted requests quickly and reliably and generating trade ideas that are unique. This unique mix has allowed us to develop consistent and value-added trading relationships with our clients.

Please see the full biographies of our Municipal team members in our Team section.

The map to the left reflects the States in which our firm successfully won Co-Managed Underwriting within Municipal Competitive Bidding.

As can be seen from the color differentiation, it is represented by Value and # of Deals per state.


Below are examples of our Negotiated Issues we completed below:



Below are examples of our Competitive  Issues that TCM led or Co-Managed below:



To contact our Municipal Trading Team please call (646)-618-8960. We participate on all ECN’s and can handle inquiry via Bloomberg , MKTX, etc.