Life Science Banking - Allele Capital Partners

Allele Capital Partners is a merchant bank that provides venture capital and private equity financing to private and small-cap public life sciences companies. Allele works in partnership with its clients to provide a suite of value-added services which include strategic advisory, proprietary capital and non-proprietary capital through Tribal Capital Markets, LLC ("TCM"). Whether through advisory or capital raising activities, we leverage our extensive proprietary network of advisors, C-Suite level management relationships and key opinion leaders (KOLs) for the benefit of our corporate and investment partners. 

Allele's Principals' comprehensive experience in private-to-public and public venture process for small and micro-cap life sciences companies has resulted in significant shareholder equity and valuations of over $1 billion.

Allele limits its sector, investment and capital sourcing focus to ensure a successful collaboration for both our corporate and investment partners. In addition to extensive corporate and scientific due diligence, Allele focuses on two major themes: Alpha and Access.

Alpha: We work to provide our accredited and institutional investors with the potential for above-average returns who are willing to accept above-average risk in private-to-public and small-cap public investments in life science companies. We focus on companies that can achieve initial investor liquidity, proof of concept (POC), successful milestones and/or valuation inflection points within a 12 to 24-month time period.

Access: We partner with executive leaders demonstrating exceptional results (ELDERs™) to provide value-added advice by leveraging our extensive network of C-suite level relationships, key opinion leaders (KOLs) and access to both accredited and institutional capital.



Allele strives to consistently provide value-added advice and services. Allele leverages its life sciences expertise, investment acumen and capital market access for the benefit of both our corporate and investment partners.


Please note: all securities and investment banking services are offered through TCM. Principals of Allele are registered representatives of TCM.

Allele and TCM are separate entities.


To Learn more about our Life Science Banking Team or to participate in any upcoming deals please call (561)-706-3250.