Giving Back

Tribal Capital Markets, LLC ("TCM") realizes the importance of collaborating within a community. Our team is dedicated to helping those less fortunate through donations & volunteerism.

On both community outreach and social education fronts, Morongo has taken a leadership role. The tribe gives generously on an annual basis to hundreds of local community groups. Today, the region's governments, businesses, community leaders and groups regard Morongo as a friend and partner. Morongo's progress is a case history that illustrates how combining a pro-active tribal government with sound economic development can enable tribes to turn their lives and communities around and dramatically impact the surrounding economic region.

Additionally, Morongo Band of Mission Indians is one of Riverside County’s largest employers, providing over 3000 jobs and generating close to $3 billion in direct and indirect regional economic activity. Morongo’s diverse and growing business portfolio spans numerous markets, including: construction, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, recreation, retail, dining and hospitality.

A large portion of Morongo’s workforce is comprised of non-tribal employees who pay state, sales, payroll, and use taxes, and its annual payroll tops $120 million. Additionally, its gaming and non-gaming operations generate tens of million of dollars in tax revenue. These operations further promote new economic development opportunities, as well as job growth and stability for state and local vendors and businesses.

Morongo - economic and community partner

  • Morongo partnered with Southern California Edison to develop and finance a three-fold upgrade to the electrical transmission lines that cross Morongo's Reservation, improving power grid reliability across Southern California. The project will also provide a crucial connection between renewable power generators and population centers, helping California meet its renewable energy goals.

  • Through its automatic-aid agreements, Morongo’s tribal patrol and fire departments work closely with neighboring public safety agencies to respond to local, regional, state and national emergencies.

  • Morongo provides more than $1 million annually for college scholarships, food pantries, homeless shelters, schools, churches and other non-profit groups across California.

  • Launched more than 30 years ago, Morongo’s annual Thanksgiving Outreach program distributes 10,000 free turkeys and has provided more than 1.5 million holiday meals to families, seniors and veterans in need.

  • The tribe also sponsors an annual holiday shopping spree for 2,500 disadvantaged children, and an annual back-to-school event that provides hundreds of low-income children with new shoes, clothes and backpacks stuffed with classroom supplies.


Morongo's Tribal Government maintains strong and cooperative government-to-government relationships with the State of California, the County of Riverside and local municipalities to identify and resolve issues of mutual concern, nurture new economic opportunities, and strengthen the quality of life for all Californians.