Domestic Equities

Tribal Capital Markets, LLC's ("TCM") equity team has a wide range of experience, including leading and co-managing offerings of both equity and equity-linked securities. Our highly experienced equity team offers full service brokerage proficiencies in all aspects of equity and options trading.

Our traders have access to an extremely robust suite of award winning “Best in Class” algorithms provided by well recognized partners such as ITG, Speed Route and Global Liquidity Partners. Using smart order routers, our liquidity seeking algorithms allocate shares across multiple venues and automatically route to venues sourcing liquidity. We partner with the industry’s premier platform providers in considering and evaluating algo performance. By continuously examining market environments and trends in which we are dealing for our customers, we are better suited to utilize specific providers that best fulfill our algorithmic execution needs.

In addition to the high functionality of our Algorithms, TCM’s high-touch, hands-on approach to trading ensures optimal execution for all equity related programs. This combination of algorithmic suite utilization and high touch intervention allows TCM to achieve superior execution among its peers.


In addition to the services noted above, TCM can also offer the following:

  • Best in Class Electronic Execution Capabilites (Algorithmic Strategies, Routers & Dark Pool Access)
  • Corporate Buybacks
  • Global Single Stock Execution Capabilities
  • ETF Creation Capabilities
  • Program Trading
  • Pre-Trade & Post-Trade Analytics
  • Transition Management
  • Step Out/Step In Capabilities
  • Syndicate Designations
  • Delivery of Third Party Research
  • Convertible Share Distribution
  • Preferred Share Distribution
  • Initial Public Offering Underwriting & Distribution
  • Follow-on & Secondary Pricing & Distribution Capability
  • Syndicate Debt Underwriting & Distribution

Global affiliations allow us to provide many of these same services for the constantly expanding non-domestic equity markets. This allows our customers the option of around the clock execution capability as we recognize that world events can often dictate client needs.


To speak with a professional on our Equity Sales & trading Team please call (212)-606-0226.