Tribal Capital Markets, LLC (“TCM”) is an "equal opportunity employer;” meaning that we strive to foster an environment free of discrimination based on race, creed, color, national origin, or sex.


Approach and Strategy

To deliver high-quality products and services to our clients and work together effectively across the firm, we require employees with different mindsets and wide-ranging experience. The diversity of our workforce provides us with a better understanding of client needs, cultural aspects and regional markets. We believe that it also opens a broader range of business opportunities for our company.

As a responsible employer, we promote equal opportunities, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, civil and marital status, pregnancy, disability, or any other qualities protected under local law. We also promote a safe and healthy working environment without discrimination, harassment, or reprisals.

TCM places a great emphasis on a non-hostile work environment, allowing our employees to coordinate and execute trades for clients as best they can. As a certified MBE firm, TCM values multiple opinions to arrive at tailored financial products for our clients.

TCM is proud to have, among its current certifications, membership for the New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council. The Council is one of 24 regional affiliates organized as the National Minority Supplier Development Council ("NMSDC").

We have additionally been certified as a MBE by the State of New Jersey under the Small Business Set-Aside Act and Minority and Women Certification Program.


Morongo Band of Mission Indians

Established in 1865, Morongo Indian Reservation was one of nine small reservations created by President Ulysses S. Grant by executive order in 1876. In 1983, the path of Morongo's future changed when tribal members started a modest bingo hall. From this building evolved one of the oldest and most successful Indian gaming facilities in California. The present $250 million destination which opened in late 2004, Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa, is one of the largest tribal gaming facilities in the nation.

The Tribe is continually seeking to diversify its interests, both in and out of the gaming arena. In addition to its AAA Four Diamond Resort, Morongo'd Casino Resort + Spa, Morongo also runs the 36-pump Morongo Travel Center, local legend Hadley Fruit Orchards, and Morongo's Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon. Additionally, the Tribe has agreements with Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water, who operates a bottling plant on Morongo's Reservation, and Ruby's Diner.

On both community outreach and social education fronts, Morongo has taken a leadership role. The tribe gives generously on an annual basis to hundreds of local community groups. Today, the region's governments, businesses, community leaders and groups regard Morongo as a friend and partner. Morongo tribe's progress is a case history that illustrates how combining a pro-active tribal government with sound economic development can enable tribes to turn their lives and communities around and dramatically impact the surrounding economic region.


Minority Business Enterprise

As a minority-owned broker dealer, Tribal Capital Markets, LLC ("TCM") makes a conscious effort to prioritize MWBE vendors when deciding with whom we conduct business. 

Appreciating every opportunity that we receive to serve as a minority-owned vendor, TCM is always seeking new ways to provide for our fellow minorities. We understand the importance of giving minority entities a voice in a hugely under-represented industry and we strive to further provide additional opportunities for minority-owned businesses to compete on a fair and equal basis. By making these efforts, we hope to further expand the minority-owned vendor space and  encourage inclusivity and diversity, not just within our supply chain, but within the financial services industry.

TCM has long pushed the internal trading staff to utilize and engage women and minority-owned brokerage enterprises (“WBE/MBE”). Despite our efforts, there remains a view in the industry that there is more that can be done. This inclusive effort will continue to be a pervasive influence in our collective decision-making processes.

Our goal is to create an inclusive work environment, fostering greater service for our clients and employees.